The Portland Civic Theatre Guild is seeking submissions from Portland
Metro Area playwrights for the 2024 Portland Civic Theatre Guild New Play Award

Winning Playwright receives $1,000 Award

Submission Information

  • Playwright must be from the Portland Metro Area.
  • Scripts must be original, full-length plays that have not been produced; previous workshops and readings are acceptable.
  • Translations, musicals, one-acts, and children’s plays will not be considered.
  • The play may have 1-6 characters. Plays with more than 6 characters, including those in which one actor plays multiple roles, may not be considered.
  • The playwright may submit only one script for consideration.
  • Plays previously submitted for the Guild’s New Play Award are not eligible.
  • The play must not be scheduled for professional production at the time of submission.
  • The manuscript must be written in standard play format, including a cast of characters.
  • The title page must include:
    • Title of script
    • Name of playwright
    • Contact information for playwright (email, phone and residence address)
  • Scripts must be submitted via email in PDF format.
  • Subject line on email should read: 2024 PCTG New Play Award, Title of play, Playwright’s Name.
  • Submit script to: pctgnewplays@gmail.com by Monday, June 12, 2023. Late submissions will not be considered.

You may direct questions about the PCTG New Play Award to pctgnewplays@gmail.com.

Previous winners include:

  • The Sweatermakers by Andrew Wardenaar
  • Love is Enough by Donna Barrow-Green
  • Deception by Nancy Moss
  • Rimbaud’s Daughter in Louisiana (or The Drunken Pirogue) by Steve Patterson
  • Badge of Honor by Tim Blough
  • I Love You/Who Are You? by Matthew Miller
  • Shakespeare’s Skull by Rich Rubin
  • Recent Unsettling Events by Andrea Stolowitz
  • Cat Napper by Kwik Jones
  • Dorothy's Dictionary by E.M. Lewis
  • BAD BABIES (A Western Fairytale) by Jacklyn Maddux

The Portland Civic Theatre Guild is a volunteer organization founded in 1958. Its mission is to serve and support Portland’s theatre community with an award and fellowship program.

  • Leslie O. Fulton Fellowship for established theatre artists.
  • Isabella Chappell Award in support of theatre companies and venues.
  • Mary Brand Award promotes theatre education and production for youth.

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