We are the Guild that keeps on giving! 

In the spring of 2021, the Guild awarded $10,000 to Portland area Theatres and Artists. $2000 was given to Oregon Children's Theatre to provide scholarships for students in their Young Professionals Company. $3000 was awarded to Twilight Theatre Company to purchase a new sound system. $5000 was given to Jennifer Lanier for travel to spend focused time with colleagues in alumni workshops on Viola Spolin's Theatre Games.

Your contributions directly support the awards that fulfill our mission and there are a few ways you can continue to help the Guild this year!

  • Give a tax deductible donation by clicking the “Donate” button. A contribution to PCTG can be matched by a contribution to the Oregon Cultural Trust for a dollar-for-dollar tax deduction.
  • Become a Member! There are many creative ways that you can get involved and make a difference in our organization.
  • Be a loyal patron. Attend our readings with your friends and help us increase our audience.

Whatever way you choose to support us will be very appreciated by local theatres, artists and students.

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audience waiting for the curtain
Luisa Sermol as Masha; Spencer Conway as Spike


If you enjoy theater, if you like to work with creative and energetic people, if you would enjoy participating a little (or a lot) in the success of these readings, if you already attend most, if not all The Portland Civic Theater Guild monthly Tuesday readings, there is a place waiting for you when you join Portland Civic Theatre Guild. You can choose to take tickets, usher guests, be on one of our many important committees, or even read plays on the Play Selection Committee to help choose the next season’s lineup.


Being an active Portland Civic Theatre Guild member has enriched my experience of theatre as well as enabled me to meet the creative team members that make our programs happen. So,what is it that I love most about my Membership in the Portland Civic Theatre Guild? Let me count the ways:

  1. I meet others who enjoy our excellent play readings as much as I.
  2. I get to participate in a variety of ways based on my interests and skills.
  3. I can even help with the Play Selection  for the next season by serving on the Playreading committee. Wow!
  4. I get to meet the amazing leaders and other member volunteers by choosing positions such as taking tickets, ushering guests, preparing refreshments, or other tasks as needed.
  5. My involvement, however I choose, enhances my experience with the PCTG.

-Sheila Pastore, Guild Member since 2013

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Please direct all donations to:

Portland Civic Theatre Guild, PO BOX 6711, Portland, Oregon 97228.



Email us at with "Membership" in the subject line.  (Or simply complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.) Include your contact information and we will contact you with all the details to join!

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