The Mary Brand Award is directed to individuals and programs that involve young people in theatre education as participants, observers, or students. The award honors Mary Brand, who founded the Portland Civic Theatre Guild in 1958 as a way to assist the theatre.  Among the programs sustained by the Guild activities was the Portland Civic Theatre School, which provided training to thousands of theatre students of all ages over several decades.

Grants, Awards and Fellowships are for theatres and artists in the Portland Metro Area only.


The Isabella Chappell Award in Support of Theatre provides funds to be used by a theatre company for capital expenditures and may not be used for general operational or production expenses. The award honors Isabella Chappell, General Manager of the Portland Civic Theatre for 18 years.

Grants, Awards and Fellowships are for theatres and artists in the Portland Metro Area only.



The Leslie O. Fulton Fellowship is directed to an established theatre artist for personal growth, enrichment, or renewal. This Fellowship has been funded in honor of Leslie O. Fulton, the Portland Civic Theatre’s first development director. The purpose of the award is to help artists of high merit sustain or enhance their creative process. It is not intended to support a staff position at an established company, provide operational support, or production support. Rather, we wish to honor an established artist with the time and funds to explore something beyond everyday responsibilities.

Grants, Awards and Fellowships are for theatres and artists in the Portland Metro Area only.

From Past Mary Brand Award Recipients

Mary Brand funds were spent on securing our performance space, on marketing materials, royalties, and on the fundamental set/costume/prop/lighting equipment needed for our Student Director Mentorship. This put us in a unique position to use crowdfunding funds to pay our Directing Mentor for the first time, as well as hire a Tech Mentor to support our student stage manager. This was a huge step for the program, and it allowed the directing mentor to spend more quality time with their mentee. Two full rehearsals were spent sharing mindfulness techniques and teaching consent-based practices around theatrical intimacy to our high school students. These techniques were practiced regularly and implemented by our student director. Such careful attention was made possible by having the funds to hire additional help and support.

As a result, a truly remarkable performance took place the first weekend of March. Our student director wrote that "Over these past few months I have grown not just as an artist, but also as a person - and that is because of you. (the directing mentor) Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" Our students performed three shows to sold-out audiences and standing ovations.

We truly appreciate what the Mary Brand Award did for Enso and our mentorship program. Thank you very, very much.

Caitlin Lushington
Artistic/Managing Director
Enso Theatre Ensemble

Mary Brand Final Report FY21