The Leslie O Fulton Fellowship for $8,000 was awarded to Jen Rowe.

This award is directed to an established theatre artist for personal growth, enrichment, and renewal.

Ms. Rowe will use this award to pursue a Shakespeare Intensive Certificate from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London July 19 - August 11, 2023.

“It is an honor that I have been invited to participate in this summer study, in a completely new environment, anonymously among other practitioners. This program offers the cornerstones of professional development: connections, cultural experience, and the opportunity to learn.” - Jen Rowe

The Isabella Chappell Award for $5,000 went to CoHo Productions.

This award is dedicated to capital expenditures at a theatre company.

CoHo Productions will purchase a new ETC ion lighting console that will help update the lighting system in their black box space. Since 2000, CoHo’s performance space has served as a creative home to 100+ theatre companies, providing mentorship, access to resources, and a stage for developing artists to share their work.

“We believe that the performing arts offer vital communication, connection, and vulnerability. With this project, CoHo is offering a unique opportunity for emerging and under-resourced artists to connect with the tools they need to become autonomous creators.” - Morgan Clark-Gaynor

The Mary Brand Award for $3,000 was presented to New Moon Productions.

This award is directed to individuals and programs that involve young people in theatre education as participants, observers, or students.

The funds will help support their Drama Literacy Program at D. A. Grout Elementary, Llewellyn Elementary, St. John School, and Cottonwood School in academic year 2023-2024.

“Next year will mark the Drama Literacy Program’s 19 years at Grout Elementary, 6 years at Llewellyn Elementary, 4 years at Cottonwood School, and 1 year at St. John School. The program also ran 6 years at Lewis Elementary, 2 years at Laurelhurst School, and 3 years at Roseway Heights.” - Michael Wehrli

From Past Award Recipients

Letter from Ann Singer & The Rogue Pack Family, winner of the 2022 Mary Brand Award

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for awarding Rogue Pack Theatre the Mary Brand Award this year. We have just begun summer workshops at Home Plate Youth Services and are looking forward to returning to Janus Youth Programs in August to implement more writing and performance workshops. At the Rogue Pack Theatre Collective in Sellwood Community House, we'll be expanding the number of classes to reach more youth this fall.

It's especially exciting for us to begin our movie making adventures with another $3,000 added to our budget. We'll be sure to include the PCTG logo on the Rogue Pack website, newsletter, and all social media outlets. We hope to see you next year at the Moreland Theater to witness Rogue Pack youth performing their stories.

Ann Singer & The Rogue Pack Family
Winner 2022 Mary Brand Award

What an honor to receive this 2022 Fulton fellowship!  I’m still blown away. Thank you so much for believing in me and in my grand adventure of graduate school.  I shall carry your generosity in my heart. Getting ready to cash the check and make my first tuition payment!  It wouldn’t have been as joyful without this incredible gift!  Thank you, thank you! 13 times thank you!

Carrie Ann Honeycutt
Winner 2022 Leslie O. Fulton Award

Letter from Oregon Children’s Theatre, winner of the 2021 Mary Brand Award

Dear PCTG,

We are SO very grateful, especially during this time when folks are struggling. Your support was put to good use and was very appreciated!  The students who received the financial support have done MANY amazing things, such as received college audition coaching, performed in professional plays, and participated in workshops such as Theater for Social Change, Directing, Acting for Film, WellVersed (our script reading/analysis workshop), among many others.

We received this letter from one of the recipient's parents:

Dear OCT Donor,
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the funds you provide to OCT, which have allowed for a partial scholarship for our daughter's tuition as part of the OCT Young Professionals Company. Lulu, now age 16, began to perform on the OCT Mainstage at age 11, and considers OCT to be her home as an actor. As parents, we know that our teenager is happy and most herself when she is doing what she loves, and envisioning how to make theatre a part of her professional life as an adult. The Young Professional Company at OCT has given her, and continues to give her, the opportunity to do what she loves with people she loves, grow her skills and envision possibilities for her continued journey as a performer. Like so many during the times of COVID, our family has had an unexpected rough couple of years including in the financial arena. Your support and generosity make a difference for our family, and especially to our daughter.

Thank you again for the help! These students need support and I was thrilled to be able to offer this to them.

Dani Baldwin
Artistic Director, Young Professionals Company at Oregon Children’s Theatre

Results from Louanne Moldovan and The Cygnet Radio Hour, winner of the 2020 Leslie O. Fulton Fellowship

A Retrospective on the Results of the Fellowship

  1. THE BEGINNING—Going Beyond Live Theatre

The creation of a show begins with an idea, a concept, a desire to create something for others to consume and enjoy.

In my case, with the Cygnet Radio Hour, this creative dream was a continuation of my production company, Cygnet Productions, which was established in 1992. Cygnet has produced dozens of theatrical performances, some of which you may know, such as The Wild Party; Faith Healer; Not About Heroes and Vitriol & Violets: Tales From the Algonquin Round Table.

When the pandemic hit, and live events came to a complete standstill in March 2020, I knew I wanted to create something that would help the performing arts remain vital and available to audiences everywhere. My goal was to develop a project that would be free and accessible to as many people as possible and keep our theatre artists performing.

The solution?

The Cygnet Radio Hour

Click here for the full retrospective.