2019 Award Winners

Mary Brand, founded the Portland Civic Theatre Guild in 1958. This $2000 Mary Brand Award is directed to individuals and programs that involve young people in theatre education as participants, observers, or students. This year’s grant will go towards teaching young artists how to choose, direct and produce their own work while being mentored by a theatre professional of this Ensemble. This awardee is Enso Theatre Ensemble.

The Isabella Chappell Award in Support of Theatre for $3000. This year’s award will be used for this theatre company to supplement their staged readings, shows and community engagement events with visual and audio elements to create a more immersive environment. This award goes to Theatre Dissporsa.

The Leslie O. Fulton Fellowship for $5000 is awarded to provide this artist the ability to travel to Sweden for a 2 week fellowship to write a play at author Henning Mankell’s childhood home in Sveg, Sweden. This award goes to Francesca Piantadosi.