2019-20 Season featuring three Portland playwrights

The Portland Civic Theatre Guild presents

Featuring four intriguing plays from the world stage, and introducing three outstanding new works by Portland area playwrights! 

October 1     Crooked Numbers **                                        by Ellen Margolis  directed by Micki Selvitella     

Woodstock, 1979. Her hands already full with a struggling business and a dying partner, Fran takes on the care and feeding of her 15-year-old, baseball-obsessed niece.  *Sponsored by Don Horn*

November 5     Switzerland                                    by Johanna Murray-Smith  directed by Pat Moran

When a mysterious visitor arrives at the secluded home of famous crime writer Patricia Highsmith, fictional murders become a dangerous reality. 

December 3   Angel Street                                                by Patrick Hamilton  directed by Julie A. Akers

This Victorian thriller (aka Gaslight) delivers the perfect combination of suspense, intrigue and delicious revenge.  *Sponsored by Culver Glass*

January 14    The Sea Horse                                      by Edward J. Moore  directed by Jeanne Rogers

In a waterfront bar, Harry and Gertrude fight, makeup, spin dreams, and share their deeply hidden private dreams. A love story. 

February 4    The Winner of the Portland Civic Theatre Guild’s New Play Award 

A new play by a Portland area playwright, presented as a part of Fertile Ground: A City-Wide Festival of New Works. 

March 3    Bible Stories for Agnostics**               by John Longenbaugh  directed by Matt Pavik

Stories from Genesis are re-imagined for the contemporary age in six short plays, following the fortunes of Adam and Eve from Eden out into the world.  *Sponsored by Robert Conklin*

April 7   Apologia                                                           by Alexi Kaye Campbell directed by  Mary McDonald-Lewis

A witty, topical and passionate story about generations, secrets and the stories we tell about our lives. 

May 5     A Musical Treat                                      Directed by Adair Chappell 

Always the “dessert” of the season.  A delightful musical performed by Portland’s finest musical stars!  

The Play Package; 7 plays for $60 7 admissions for the price of 6!! 

Note: this package does NOT include A Musical Treat 

The Everything Package: $80 buys the whole season of 8 productions- 

Including one Golden ticket for A Musical Treat-and you still get one play free! 

Requests for tickets by mail may be made by sending a check to: 

Portland Civic Theatre Guild 

PO BOX 6711, Portland, OR 97228