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For Fertile Ground Festival of New Works, PCTG presents: Love is Enough January 28, 2014

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Date: Tuesday 28 January 2014

Time: 10:00am

The Portland Civic Theatre Guild presents Love is Enough by Donna Barrow-Green directed by Chrisse Roccaro Venue: The Old Church 1422 SW 11th St, Portland OR 97201 Festival Date: Jan 28 @ 10am Tickets: $8 at the door

It’s the 1960s: LBJ, Vietnam, women libbers — and Gladys is trapped in her role as a typical housewife. Her life revolves around the needs of her husband, Mike, and her son, Joey. But Gladys has a dream: she dreams of writing romance novels. She dreams of a world inhabited by a lovely young woman — perhaps named Jill Brentwood or Rachel Winters — who studies fashion design in Paris where she happens to meet a handsome stranger whose deep brown eyes look directly into her heart. His name could be Daniel O’Connor, Tom Griffin, or…perhaps…Marcos Van Dirk! The fantastic world of Gladys’ imagination collides with her stifling reality when Marcos suddenly comes to life and she is forced to choose between being a housewife and her romantic dreams. The comedy Love is Enough is written by Portland playwright Donna Barrow-Green and directed by Chrisse Roccaro. The cast includes Emily Sahler as Gladys; Brian Allard as her husband, Mike; Bryce Earhart as their son, Joey; and Gilberto Martin Del Campo as the dreamy hero, Marcos Van Dirk. Love is Enough is produced by the Portland Civic Theatre Guild, whose mission is to serve and support the Portland theatre community. Please join us at 10am for coffee before the reading.
Bryce Earhart, Brian Allard and Emily Sahler as Joey, Mike and Gladys in Love is Enough.Gilberto Martin Del Campo and Emily SahlerBrian Allard and Emily Sahlerjanuary-2014-love-is-enough


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